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enough semblance of truth

“The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once wrote that if authors could infuse their stories with enough "semblance of truth," readers would suspend their disbelief of the clearly fabricated tale.”

and advice on using suspension of disbelief in convincing others in business and life;

“In order to inspire others and convince them to suspend their disbelief, you must celebrate, through language, the idea above yourself. Treat the idea as if it were a character you were embodying on the stage. Compelling others is "a function of your capacity to imagine and to subsume one’s own ego in favor of whatever character or idea it is that you’re trying to portray," says Wright. "The idea becomes larger and more powerful than you and there is then hopefully some type of levitation that happens and the story touches people."


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tracking trends

  1. Know why you’re tracking trends
  2. Don’t get your trends mixed up
  3. Know a fad when you see (or smell) one
  4. Don’t apply all trends to all people
  5. Be (very) curious
  6. Have a Point of View
  7. Benefit from an unprecedented abundance of resources
  8. Name your trends
  9. Build your Trend Framework
  10. Start a Trend Group (even if it’s just you)
  11. Secure senior backing or be doomed
  12. Don’t worry about timing or life cycles or regional suitability or…
  13. Apply, apply, apply
  14. Have some fun
  15. Let others do some of the work for you in 2011

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calm despair

A calm despair… is the essence of wisdom

“Above all, we must abolish hope in the heart of man. A calm despair, without angry convulsions, without reproaches to Heaven, is the essence of wisdom.

Alfred Victor Vigny

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a generous 15 minutes to grab the player?

"In the old days, again, we were talking about the golden hour – you had to catch the player in the golden hour to get them to love it enough and tell their friends and whatever. These days it’s more like the golden 15 seconds," he commented. "You can actually watch the little waterfall graph of the longer the bar goes for loading, the more people you lose forever for first time players.”

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there is no UI — only UX

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