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ignite your presentation

This seems like pretty good advice for all presentations – along with use lots of pictures, no more than 4 bullet points and don’t read out the words on the slides…

“If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers.”


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the temptress of design


A great article on level design, the Temptress and Storyteller.

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stay interested in the mystery


“People prize what they don’t understand at least as much as what they do” Randall Sullivan on the creators of the Georgia Guidestones, in a Wired article

Wyatt Martin “if you want to keep people interested, you can let them know only so much“ – the only remaining contact with R.C. Christian creator of the Guidestones.

JJ Abrams also in Wired
”We’re smack in the middle of the age of immediacy.”…
”Perhaps that’s why mystery now more than ever, has a special meaning. Because it’s the anomaly, the glaring affirmation that the age of immediacy has a meaningful downside. Mystery demands that you stop and consider – or at the very least, slow down and discover. It’s a challenge to get there yourself, on its terms, not yours.”

Movies/TV are a series of mystery boxes, revealing their meta stories over time, withholding information to maximize the mystery and stimulate the imagination – jaws/aliens etc

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a little triumph goes a long way

“One of the reasons we like crosswords is that they let us have an intellectual triumph on a small scale”

Amy Reynaldo, Wired

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design language : reward compression

“compression is the tendency of rewards to become less effective with repetition”

Seth Godin, Permission Marketing

In the same way that we adapt to familiar fragrances and start to no longer notice them, you can become immune to the thrill of rewards with excessive repetition.

Add some mystery to the rewards;

Think about them as treats, that you use more sparingly;

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does time help make decisions?

The Paradox of Choice at work in decision making

“More time does not create better decisions. In fact, it usually decreases the quality of the decision. More information may help. More time without more information just creates anxiety, not insight…”

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help players immerse in your world


“If people realise I am thirty-five,” he said, “they won’t allow their imaginations to run wild. They’ll see me as an adult acting, rather than a kid playing. Most people in the audience want to forget the rules, but they need a little help. I have to create an imaginary world for them: if I do it well, they will walk in to it with me.”  Philippe a Cirque clown

Cirque Du Soleil : The Spark, Igniting The Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All by Lyn Heward and John U. Bacon

Players want to suspend disbelief, give them no cause to step outside of the world you have created for them.

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