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apps fail because…

  • You Didn’t Understand The Problem You Were Solving
  • You Asked Your Friends What They Thought
  • You Listened To Users Instead Of Watching Them
  • You Didn’t Test Your Riskiest Assumption
  • You Had A “Bob The Builder” Mentality

“…Sharon says it’s as simple as validating, or invalidating, three core pieces of the plan: The problem (Is the app solving a problem people care about?), the market (Are there enough people who have this problem?), and the product (Is our product solving this problem for this market?).


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when in doubt re-read rule 1

Rule one has two parts:

a. the customer is always right

b. if that’s not true, it’s unlikely that this person will remain your customer.

If you need to explain to a customer that he’s wrong, that everyone else has no problem, that you have tons of happy customers who were able to successfully read the instructions, that he’s not smart enough or persistent enough or handsome enough to be your customer, you might be right. But if you are, part b kicks in and you’ve lost him.

If you find yourself litigating, debating, arguing and most of all, proving your point, you’ve forgotten something vital: people have a choice, and they rarely choose to do business with someone who insists that they are wrong.

By all means, fire the customers who aren’t worth the time and the trouble. But understand that the moment you insist the customer is wrong, you’ve just started the firing process.

PS here’s a great way around this problem: Make sure that the instruction manual, the website and the tech support are so clear, so patient and so generous that customers don’t find themselves being wrong.

Not everyone who talks about projects are customers (as defined by them having spend money on the product), however they have an impact on brand, community and customers. Understanding how you deal with the customers & community around a brand is a big deal to live service products.

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600% more time spent in multi-player than single player

I can tell you that Steam users have put an aggregate of about 3.8 billion hours into Dota 2. I can tell you that Steam users tend to put nearly 600 percent more time into the multiplayer mode on Modern Warfare 2 than the single player mode.

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one wow after launch

There should be a plan for a ‘wow’ feature reasonable soon after launch

Eric Schmidt

With any service release there needs to be something in the pipe to release quickly enough to catch the early audience and wow them. Missing this opportunity is a big miss. Teams need to have the infrastructure and capacity in place to deliver something quickly. 

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ideas need audiences

New ideas need audiences like flowers need bees. No matter how bright and colorful, they will die unless others work to spread them.

Simon Sinek

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are tablets really PCs?

Interesting article on tablet trends –

  • iPad sales are slowing and pretty flat.
  • Apple still winning, and Android tablets not cause of slow down
  • Is it because iPads can’t be used for the same stuff as PCs yet?

…moving to new devices and form factors involves new software experiences, and new software also often both creates and requires new business processes. It’s hard to spend a day creating a 20-slide sales report on an iPad, even now that MS Office is available for iPad. But actually, that sales report should be a SAAS dashboard that takes 10 minutes to annotate. It will take time for those business processes to shift to enable more corporate tablet use.

Maybe suggesting that software will need to keep moving forward to meet the changing needs. In games, tablet games have been very much thrown in with phones most of the time. Unique tablet games will likely have more in common with PC than smartphone.

So, looking at tablets and smartphones as mobile devices in a new category that competes with PCs may be the wrong comparison – in fact, it may be better to think of tablets, laptops and desktops as one ‘big screen’ segment, all of which compete with smartphones, and for which the opportunity is just smaller than that for smartphones. And so tablets will over time eat away at laptop and desktop sales just as laptops ate away at desktop sales, but the truly transformative new category is the smartphone. Maybe.

We need to think about the tablet as part of the ‘PC’ and think about what it does to gamers expectations, and what we have to do to innovate in this space.

An alternate selection of data from Reality Mine on tablet use throughout the day, where and what people are doing with their tablets in 2014.
Tablets used most between 8 & 9pm primarily for content consumption, with games and entertainment apps leading the pack.

  • Apps, TV and Video content consumption are top activities for tablet owners.
  • Gaming is the most popular activity on tablets, compared to social networking for mobile phone users.
  • 85% of all tablet use occurs at home, this is significantly more than in home use of tablets and computers.
  • The majority of people are ‘relaxing’ while using their tablet or iPad.


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audiences demand anti-heroes

“… audiences demand remarkable, courageous broadcasting with incredibly diverse multilayered anti-heroes. That is what they want, don’t be afradid of it.”

Kevin Spacey 

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