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can Starbucks help game design?


Create and Strictly Follow an “Aroma First” Rule

“I believe we overlooked the cause and the affect of flavor lock in our stores. We achieved fresh roasted bagged coffee, but at what cost? The loss of aroma — perhaps the most powerful non-verbal signal we had in our stores; the loss of our people scooping fresh coffee from the bins and grinding it fresh in front of the customer, and once again stripping the store of tradition and our heritage?” – Howard Schultz email

Since coffee is Starbucks core, and scent is the strongest cue for our senses – make aroma the highest priority. (Yes, even more important than perceived increased sales). Maintain Howard’s original desire to preserve aroma and implement an “Aroma First” rule. It’s simple, for every decision; ask, “Is this going to negatively affect aroma in any way?” If the answer is “yes” do not do it…

What are the ‘Aroma First’ rules for game design?

‘Always Allow Progress’ – from the moment that player starts they are on a journey; developing skills, being challenged, being rewarded, anticipating rewards or challenges and be reminded of their progress along their journey.


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