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rewarding polite consumers

In October 2013, a café in the South of France implemented a pricing policy based on patron’s politeness. Patrons who greeted the barista at La Petite Syrah and used ‘please’ were charged EUR 1.40 for a cup of coffee; those who failed to use any pleasantries were ‘penalized’ with a EUR 7 price. The prices (with greeting) were clearly displayed on a board inside the café.


Interesting idea, especially in an era of trolls and endless complaints. 


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rules for designing choices

Great article on designing choices, rules 1 and 2 are critical IMO

  1. Every option should have real consequences
  2. The player needs some basis to make a decision
  3. No option should be obviously better or worse than all the others
  4. Know your players
  5. Break these rules

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