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make your players happy to spend money

“… you don’t have to trick them…
It’s not like people don’t want to spend money, they want to spend money on things that they love and they want to be charged honestly.

They don’t want to be like ‘I’ve run out of energy?’ They want to feel like it’s not monetisation based on they need to move forward, it’s monetisation based ‘I want to do this.’ When you move from need based monetisation to want based monetisation you think about things differently as a user, you don’t begrudge spending the money. I think in Japan they’re much further along that curve.”

Neil Young

People want to spend money on the things that they love. Things that meet their needs, that entertain them and on things that feel valuable to them.


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discounting drive to free to play?

Discounting of ‘premium’ products is effectively creating a situation where developers need to consider additional ways of covering their costs. It may be that the discounted products will dress their live service up as something different than the more traditional free to play models, but there will be many similiarities.

Steam’s culture of deep-discounting has become more pervasive and intense in the face of this chronic overcrowding, stirring up impassioned debate over what some believe will beprofound long-term effects for the perceived value of PC games. Every discussion needs balance, but in this case the back-and-forth seemed purely academic: for a lot of developers steep discounts are simply a matter of survival, and precious few could even entertain the notion of focusing on the greater good instead.

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