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the $ symbol puts you off spending


Presumably your brain reacts to the reminder that this is real money, and you tend to be more cautious. Or the lack of a reminder, fools you in to forgetting to total the cost.

“…customers given a menu without dollar signs spent significantly more than customers who had menus with dollar signs.”


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will your app or product for these reasons?

* You Didn’t Understand The Problem You Were Solving
* You Asked Your Friends What They Thought
* You Listened To Users Instead Of Watching Them
* You Didn’t Test Your Riskiest Assumption
* You Had A “Bob The Builder” Mentality

“…Sharon says it’s as simple as validating, or invalidating, three core pieces of the plan: The problem (Is the app solving a problem people care about?), the market (Are there enough people who have this problem?), and the product (Is our product solving this problem for this market?).

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