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do details make quality?

quotes.pngDo Fuss. Do Sweat The Details. The devil may be in the details, but a Divinely Good product requires attention to detail.



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we are still human


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design language : deep simplicity

Users want complex features, yet need simplicity and ‘hidden’ or accesible power.

Simple features that combine to provide deeper, richer game-play.

Elegant design offers deep simplicity.


50% of returned products have nothing wrong with them, except being too complex

Our ability to predict appropriate complexity for our skills is poor

Give people what they want or need and not what they say they want

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an inch is the same as a mile


A 1″ putt costs you 1 stroke, the same cost as a full swing 300 yard drive.

A single character change at the end of a project can cost you a day of time, the same as 100 parallel changes done in a day, earlier in a project.

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