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are you data driven?

Pick the right metrics

  • Good metrics are consistent, quick to collect and cheap
  • And that they capture something your business cares about

Understand the differences between analytics and experiments

  • Analytics measures what is happening in your business
  • Experiments test responses to new ideas or approaches

Ask the right question of the data

  • Frame the right question to allow effective analysis of the data

Know the difference between correlation and causation

  • Correlation is where there is a data match, with or without a connection. Good correlation is important, although not an indication of cause.
    Causation is about direct cause and effect

Know the basics of data visualization

  • Am I presenting (summary/conclusion) or circulating data (reference)?
  • Use the right kind of chart to emphasis relationships
  • Be clear about the message you are trying to convey to support the audience‚Äôs understanding
  • Ensure that the visuals reflect the numbers
  • Make the data as memorable as possible

Learn statistics


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