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people share emotions

“People don’t share commercials, they share emotions”


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cooperation is our species’ signature adaptation

“Cooperation is our species’ signature adaptation”

Headline quote from a Fast Company article inspired by Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson’s book The Social Conquest of Earth.

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design language : tea party

A more approachable, social and less intense version of a guild.

“I don’t think it’s as much that you invent the next ‘what’s after guilds?’, but I think it’s more how do you take something like guilds and make that something that isn’t called guilds, that’s more like a tea party that your mom can get into.”

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evolving gamers assumptions and expectations

One of the unexpected consequences of social gaming has been a softening of the gamer’s expectations of tutorials, structure and rewards.

“Part of the opportunity for all of us over the next five years is how do we package those up in a way that can fit in this form factor [Pincus points to smartphone] of a very small screen, small attention span, and someone who’s not going to read instructions, not going to do tutorials, and it’s got to have a very, very light, soft on-ramp but have a lot of depth of where that experience can go. I think the opportunity is to continue to innovate – it’s a new kind of innovation.”

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