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design language : devil’s choice

2 or more difficult or unpleasant options, that can lead to interesting and sometimes insightful choices for the player.

(treasure tables)


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design language : decisions

Decision types

  • Hollow decision: no real consequences
  • Obvious decision: no real decision
  • Uninformed decision: an arbitrary choice
  • Informed decision: where the player has ample information
  • Dramatic decision: taps into a player’s emotional state
  • Weighted decision: a balanced decision with consequences on both sides
  • Immediate decision: has an immediate impact
  • Long-term decision: whose impact will be felt down the road


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sweet spot goals


Aim for audacious and stretching goals, break them down & make sure you know how they are achievable. Be wary of aiming too far, for goals that you have no chance of achieving and ending up straining for something you can’t reach. A slack goal with no challenge, that is easy to reach creates no sense of achievement or reward.

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