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guide people through choices

Cutting options is the best option, when this is not an option or when the short list is still long – try to guide people through the choices rather than confront them with too much choice and creating decision paralysis.

“The goal of a new approach to choice should not be to manipulate consumers into making choices that aren’t right for them, but rather to collaborate in a way that benefits both of you. Although people tend to be skeptical of any attempts a business makes to “guide” them, when it comes to choosing, you truly can help consumers help themselves. To accomplish this, here are four actions you can take:

  1. Cut the number of options.
  2. Create confidence with expert or personalized recommendations.
  3. Categorize your offerings so that consumers better understand their options.
  4. Condition consumers by gradually introducing them to more-complex choices.

Offered together, these actions can distinguish your company.”


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