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advice on leadership in battle

Lieutenant General Harold G. “Hal” Moore, offers his advice for leaders in battle, this advice is relevent and useful for business leadership.He is famous as the commander of the 1st battalion, U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment (the same cavalry regiment defeated at the battle of Little Big Horn under Custer’s command), at the Battle of Ia Drang, the 1st major conflict of Vietnam war.
His full notes are here;

In summary;

  • Take time to prepare a team
    • Read, study and think
    • Instill the Will to Win
    • Build teamwork
    • Prepare your team for what will happen
  • You must show a Will to Win at all times, or you will contaminate the team
  • There is always one more thing that can be done to win
  • What are you doing that you should not be doing, and what should you be doing that you aren’t – think about your actions and behaviour and tweak/adapt
  • When there is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong except that there is nothing wrong – there is always something that can be done to improve your chance of winning
  • Trust your instincts

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design language : situations (not plots)

Situations not Plots… a better way to think about breaking down the part of an interactive game or story.
Plots are what is happening in the background and provide a framework or motivation for NPCs.
Situations are the direct interactions or involvement that the player’s have in the game. They will often be informed or set up to fulfill part of the plot but can be perceived as standalone from the player’s perspective.
Thinking about situations is more immediate and tangible making it easier to get started and write. Breaking down a plot in to series of potential
situations (because it is not necessarily linear).

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