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stories contain messages

“Stories contain messages – messages that might convey a mood, perspective, or moral. Stories make us feel a certain way, give us another way to look at things, and inform, educate, and entertain us. More importantly, though, stories are about something. Whether spoken, broadcast, shown through photography or film, stories revolve around thematic narrative structures.”

“Themes are as old as story itself; in essence, they are what story is really about.”

A Photographer’s Guide to Developing Themes and Creating Stories with Pictures
Jerod Foster


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design for user experiences, not for design’s sake

User experience is the outcome that all design should be focused on.

“…are underestimating the significance of customer experiences”

“As smart and connected technology matures beyond a luxury into everyday commodities, consumer expectations only inflate.”

“…businesses are designing for the sake of designing, without regard for how someone feels, thinks, or acts as a result.”

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looking for something special in the zoo

“More than 150 million people a year visit zoos and aquariums in the United States. Why do we flock to them? It’s not just a pleasant outing with family or friends, or to introduce children (whose lives are a cavalcade of animal images) to real animals, though those are still big reasons. I think people are also drawn to a special stripe of innocence they hope to find there.”

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