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eyes make you honest


Research has shown that human eyes have a big impact on how we behave. Eyes make something real, and make it personal. When something is real and personal, we tend to behave ‘better’ or more honestly.

We appear to accept or imbue non human things, especially TV or computer screens with human characteristics when provided only the slightest humanizing encouragement, and the we respond to them as if they were human.
see ‘Media Equation


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50% time online spent outside of core game

The average online player spends more than 50% of their online time outside of the core game experience. Time spent in customization, leagues or community around the game.

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can you steer an outcome by adding choice?


The addition of a 3rd ‘unpopular’ or non choice to a decision between 2 choices, will bias the outcome towards one of the original 2 choices. The human brain, always seeks simple answers. The 3rd option provides a measure that can be used to compare against the othe choices, often simplifying the choice. (decoy choice effect) Read the rest of this entry »

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