what characterizes a tribe?

Online games provide many forms of structure, language, opportunity for ritual and belief systems.

Here are five things that characterize a social tribe:

  1. Possession of a unique revelation: An ideology that in some way rejects the mainstream and is symbolic of an uncompromising idealism and certainty that is expressed with romantic passion and cold logic.
  2. A belief system: A mythology about how the world works and how tribe members, and the tribe, can maximize “self” in relation to that world.
  3. Ritual: The creation of recurrent, exaggerated or stylized behavioral routines that represent the tribe’s belief system; this helps establish institutional memory.
  4. Distinctive lexicon: A characteristic lingo and a set of emblems to display membership.
  5. Boundaries: A pseudo-speciation that defines where the tribe begins and ends — i.e., the “other” is not like me.



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