chase away unwanted reactions


An interesting article, edited & shortened below.

C = Choice.
Our brains like choices. Autonomy is one of the things we look for as humans.
The magic number seems to be three choices. Influence psychology tells us that when you give people options, start with the luxury model first, then midline, then economy. More times than not, the midline will be chosen.

H = Hierarchy.
Our brain pays a lot of attention to pecking order or status.
People get into status battles when they feel like others are commenting on the quality of their work or their competence. On a one-on-one basis, you can tell when someone feels like their status has been questioned. It typically happens when you offer advice, make criticisms or give "feedback."

A = Assurance.
When things feel uncertain, the brain goes into survival mode, and we begin to think and behave in ways that make us feel safer.
When things are shaky, over-communicate the things you know are certain. Give people a sense of safety so they don’t danger surf too much and fall into auto-pilot, uncreative thinking.

S = Social.
We are a tribal species. It hurts to be left out. When we’re hurt, we don’t communicate as much or as well.
The social realm is dictated by the rules of the group.

E = Equitability.
When things feel equitable or fair, the reward part of the brain turns on. If you offer someone a proposal with something that feels unfair, they will scan the rest of the proposal more stringently for inequitable items…
To discover someone’s definition of fairness on certain issues, simply ask what feels fair to them.


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