idea selling advice

  • If they feel they birthed it, they can’t kill it.Leave creative chaos at the door
  • Pause before you start – builds anticipation
  • One opening line never to use – “You’ll love this…” sets people against it immediately
  • Help clients visualize your ideas in living color
  • Stand tall, talk short – "I wish you had talked longer" are words you’ll never hear from clients
  • Throw out handouts
  • Bank on leave-behinds
  • Stop selling, start storytelling – storytelling is jet fuel for presentations
  • Get personal – share personal episodes to connect with your audience
  • Create abracadabra moments – look for ways to create dramatic, abracadabra moments in your pitch
  • Once you’ve sold an idea, don’t buy it back – if the client finally says yes, then say thank you and leave the room with your idea sold

by Sam Harrison


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