does multitasking wither your capabilities?


Is multitasking causing a change in people’s capabilities? By multitasking, do you make yourself less capable… of multitasking, and anything else that requires concentration, flow or focus.

"The shocking discovery of this research is that [high multitaskers] are lousy at everything that’s necessary for multitasking," Professor Nass said.

"The irony here is that when you ask the low multitaskers, they all think they’re much worse at multitasking and the high multitaskers think they’re gifted at it."

“But at the very least, he said, multitaskers should be told that they are bad at multitasking.”



  1. I just read a fascinating article about how multitasking is a way for the brain to seek novelty. It becomes an addiction and and craving and when it starts to lack, our dopamine levels drop and we crave more, thus our productivity suffers as a result. I wrote about this in my blog and linked to the article.

    • genecloud said

      interesting, and a great article – thanks

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