stay interested in the mystery


“People prize what they don’t understand at least as much as what they do” Randall Sullivan on the creators of the Georgia Guidestones, in a Wired article

Wyatt Martin “if you want to keep people interested, you can let them know only so much“ – the only remaining contact with R.C. Christian creator of the Guidestones.

JJ Abrams also in Wired
”We’re smack in the middle of the age of immediacy.”…
”Perhaps that’s why mystery now more than ever, has a special meaning. Because it’s the anomaly, the glaring affirmation that the age of immediacy has a meaningful downside. Mystery demands that you stop and consider – or at the very least, slow down and discover. It’s a challenge to get there yourself, on its terms, not yours.”

Movies/TV are a series of mystery boxes, revealing their meta stories over time, withholding information to maximize the mystery and stimulate the imagination – jaws/aliens etc


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