games meet our need to hunt


“Man has been in the hunting game all throughout his existence. Primitive man’s main job was to hunt. Survival depended on it. Early man had to hunt for food and clothing, as well as shelter and protection.”

There are great parallels between hunting and playing games.

Hunting requires skill, knowledge and an investment of time. It demands concentration, effort and an understanding of the environment you are in. It has risk reward choices, offers thrills, fun and is rewarding on a number of different levels.

“…it’s not just the killing that is the thrill, it is the hunt. A hunter has used his/her skills to find or track his prey” … “It’s exciting to find the wild game, but it now finalizes the deal when the prey becomes yours; your trophy, your reward, your meal, your memory, your payoff.”

“…this goes back to early man. It’s inbred in humans.”


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