advice : how to tell good stories

  • Know Your Audience. It doesn’t matter how many stories you know. What’s important is selecting the right one for your crowd. Choose one that best reflects their mood.
  • Be Yourself. Every story has a little bit of you in it, because you chose it. Tell one that you really enjoy and are itching to share.
  • Take Risks. Storytelling is an organic art. Don’t be afraid to play with the style and delivery of your story, even in the middle of a performance.
  • Listen. It’s the only way to connect with your audience, learn new stories, and improve your skills.
  • Breathe. Work on your own breathing, posture, and gestures. A lot of storytellers move too quickly because they’re nervous. Make every move deliberate.
  • Don’t Practice by Yourself. Professional storytellers improve delivery by rehearsing in front of many different people.


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