design language: extreme fever

Apply ‘Extreme Fever’ to reward design, don’t be too subtle or coy about celebrating player success.

First, he added a rainbow flying across the screen. Then Brian piped in musical accompaniment: Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” When it all came together, the experience of Extreme Fever was an exhilarating (and hilarious!) reward for passing a level. Our test players found themselves thrilled every time they saw it.

Despite the insane wonder of Extreme Fever, the team never fully intended to keep it in the game. As Brian explains, “At first, it was just a joke… it was so over the top, it was just funny.” But Extreme Fever was one of those rare entertaining and rewarding features that people loved so much that it simply had to stay in the game. In fact, when people brought up concerns about the phrase, even Jason Kapalka, PopCap’s Creative Director, chimed in: “If there is one thing that will never change about Peggle, it’s ‘Extreme Fever.'”

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