propaganda 123

1. Name-calling

“…use of words to connect a person or idea to a negative concept. The aim is to make a person reject something without examining the evidence because of the negative associations attached to it.”

2. Attractive Generalities

“The opposite of name-calling, this involves the use of highly valued concepts and beliefs which attract general approval and acclaim. These are vague, emotionally attractive words like ‘freedom‘, ‘honor‘ and ‘love‘.”

3. Transfer

“…to carry over the authority and approval of something you respect and revere to something the propagandist would have you accept. One does this by projecting the qualities of an entity, person or symbol to another through visual or mental association.”

4. Testimonial

“…leverage the experience, authority and respect of a person and use it to endorse a product or cause.”

5. Plain Folks

“…propagandist positions him or herself as an average person just like the target audience, thereby demonstrating the ability to empathize and understand the concerns/feelings of the masses.”

6. Card Stacking

“…manipulating audience perceptions by emphasizing one side of an argument which reinforces your position … compare and contrast the best possible scenarios with the worse examples.”

7. Bandwagon

“…to suggest that ’since everyone is doing it, you should too’.”


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