reward categories

  • Currency rewards: the acquisition of a game resource that can be spent represents a fairly universal reward system…
  • Rank Rewards: the player gains benefits from acquiring points towards an eventual step up in rank.
  • Mechanical Rewards: such as increases in stats that the player can feel the effect of.
  • Narrative rewards: a little narrative is effective for certain players as a reward.
  • Emotional rewards: when the player feels they have done something for someone in the game.
  • New Toys: anything new that can be experimented with is a ‘new toy’.
  • New Places: are a mimicry reward for players driven to explore
  • Completeness: achieving completeness (chasing 100% for instance) can be a reward in itself.
  • Victory: defeating a challenging foe (or a boss).

(This is stolen/paraphrased from the blog Only a Game) via Andrew Chen


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