is the pyschology of money, the psychology of score?

While money has more importance to people in their real lives, score shares many of the same influences to gamers when they are playing and in the gaming zone.

“We’ve all got money on the mind.

Not a day goes by when we aren’t thinking about money in some way. We’re deciding how to get it, what to spend it on, saving it up or wondering where it’s all gone. Whether we like it or not we spend much of our everyday lives deciding what to do with our money, from a simple cup of coffee to buying a house.

Despite this, most people understand very little about their relationship with money. We are remarkably insensitive to how it warps our thoughts, tugs at the emotions and changes our behaviour towards other people. Money seems to have an almost magical effect on us.”

“…your brain’s (edit) ‘reward centres’ will ‘light up’ if you make more money than your colleagues. Now money sounds like a drug again.”

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