scratch your own itch or not?

Mass market success requires excellence in casual and hardcore areas. How can one development team generate the passion and in depth knowledge to succeed in both?

Conduct user research throughout development.  What do people react to, and build on those.  Foster creativity in places where player is most likely to react to it.  There was a time where devs were representative – if devs loved it, customers will too.  But now audience is bigger and that isn’t true, requires cooperation between dev + production + sales + marketing.

Hardcore vs Mass market.  Three concentric circles: mass market > casual gamers > hardcore gamers in the middle.  It is important to reach that hardcore gamer, but it is not enough.  All three audiences combined are what make the true mega successes.  Plan to drive that awareness and “desire to buy”.  Vote with their dollars and their time and there are a lot of other options.
on Robin Kaminsky, VP of Publishing, Activision at DICE 08


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