design language: ikea design

Ikea Design, is design that asks the player to follow a linear set of steps, the ‘challenge’ is to follow the next step in the sequence. While simple, this requires a balance between overly straightforward instructions (…effectively telling the player exactly what to do), and frustration where the player has to guess wildly and gains no satisfaction from mastering the puzzle. Achieving a balance difficult due to age or competence differences in players.

Warren Spector;

“Great game-play comes, I think, from our ability to drop players in to compelling situations, provide clear goals for them, give them a variety of tools with which they can impact their environment and then get out the way… That has to be so much more compelling for players – thrilling even – than simply guessing the canned solution to a puzzle or pressing the a mouse button faster than a computer opponent can react.”

(quoted in The WOW climax, Henry Jenkins)


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