can you see patterns in random numbers?


Dice rolling is much more than a way to create random numbers. There is much more invested in the simple action of rolling dice than resolving something. The way that you throw, the way that you rattle, the desire to see the dice roll or drop or spin, the way that you kiss your hand, or blow on the dice, the way you flick your hand after you have thrown the bones. There must be something in the movement to influence the throw.

Projection of patterns and influence in to dice rolling or random events

Reading patterns where none exist…
Zurich Axioms “Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly”

“Within a few weeks’ of the Shuffle’s release, the serendipity effect had kicked in. “OMG! That was the perfect song for this!” “Seriously. It can’t be random. It’s putting songs together that just… work*” The Shuffle was getting people out of their playlist ruts. Out of the music comfort zones we all fall into (emo, anyone?). Exposing them to songs they’d loaded onto their pre-Shuffle iPod but that never seemed to be one of The Chosen Ones. Think about it. Think about all the music on your (non-Shuffle) iPod, computer, or vintage CD rack. Now think about the subset you actually listen to regularly. For most of us, it’s a pathetically small set. By literally forcing people to listen to randomly-chosen songs, the Shuffle was constantly delighting, surprising, rewarding, stretching users. And users loved it.


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