newspaper design advice for game designers

1. Fix the body type

If your player can’t read it, they won’t read or understand it

2. Enough with the color palettes already

Ditto, if your player can’t see it, how can they play it

3. Ditto on the headline typography

Think clean, simple Gui/OSD design

4. Promote the short form

Player attention span is short, their passion is unlikely to be as deep as yours

5. Kill those “Here’s everything you need to know about our redesign” special sections

Focus your attention on the core experience, frame everything on the player’s experience

6. No more artwork in nameplates

More around clarity of communication

7. It’s the content, stupid

No amount of cinematic aesthetic or disguise will stop the player feeling the lack of quality in game-play, if your game-play is fundamentally good it will feel good.

8. Take focus groups seriously

You are too close to your design, listen to consumer feedback (don’t take design direction directly, understand their feedback)

9. Stop the design incest

Me too is everywhere



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