extreme to mainstream

Trends, fashion and interests tend to start at the extremes and move towards a softened mainstream position. Look to the passionate extremes of the key influencers for forthcoming mainstream trends.

The recreational habits of young people age 12-24 today are the social habits that businesses will need to adjust to in the very close future.

1. Trend Initiation. New trends reject whatever came before. (Revolution) They tend to start loose and unstructured, and adopted only by those who are extreme, radical, or outside the mainstream.
2. Trend becomes Fashion. As the trend grows it inspires fashion designers and young people first. It begins a process of formalization and stiffening relative to the original trend. (Evolution)
3. Trend Reaches Physical Limits. The initial reaction of the extreme early adopters is to push the trend to it’s extreme physical limits in order to continue being outside the mainstream. (Evolution)
4. Trend becomes Mainstream. Eventually even the extreme styles are acceptable to the mainstream. The trend is seen everywhere and seems more and more “ubiquitous”. At this point it can become to be the kind of trend that “defines an era”, if it is large enough. (Evolution)
5. Trend Rejection. At this point the cutting edge realize that they now look just like everyone else. This is when the trendy reject the trend. (Revolution). They usually choose a new trend that is very distant/opposite to the new mainstream, even affecting the original styles that were rejected in the first place.
6. The cycle starts again.

and Trendwatching (http://trendwatching.com/)

Game design will be influenced by Pokemon, CCGs and simple web flash/shock viral games.


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