bored with your lot?

When not engaged with a project, team or company there will be a tendency to look for distractions, pet projects or play pathological politics all of which are counter productive.

Our natural tendency to seek outside stimulation and distraction when we’re bored is the wrong solution; as our inner emotions & disquiet is more likely to be the root of our problem. Focusing on and considering your emotions would alleviate the boredom (symptom) more effectively that looking for stimulation.

“Like the trap of quicksand, such thrashing only serves to strengthen the grip of boredom by further alienating us from our desire and passion, which provide compass points for satisfying engagement with life”, they said. Instead the researchers suggest treating boredom as an opportunity to “discover the possibility and content of one’s desires”.

and on the impact of boredom at work;

(,,2020075,00.html )


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