blog your decisions & hunches


We all make decisions, have hunches and believe that we knew how things would turn out. In most cases we don’t make any record of decisions or thoughts, and don’t use any process to validate if we were right or effective. We tend to look back, on an ad hoc basis with a great heap of hindsight bias.

Try using a blog to enter key decisions, thoughts or forecasts as they happen. You can then simply review your notes, add comments to entries as new information becomes available or you see the result of decision. You will be better able to tell if your hunch was right, when it is written down with a time stamp…If you spot a pattern or learn a lesson for the future, you can tag it and create a rolling list of useful learnings as a reference.
If you want to cover personnel matters, or write freely about people or a team, you can keep the blog private. If you want to share within a group and allow others to contribute or comment – open it up to that group and encourage contributions.

To make posting easy, use a service like to allow you to post using email.


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