sleep on it


Sow the seeds for a brainstorm or creative session the night before running it, that way everyone will unconsciously consider the subject and will be primed to start.

Also, when making tough decisions on complex issues – sleep on it before making a call.
The conscious mind is only able able to focus on limited amounts of information – as a subject gets more complex (especially in a distracting environment; most workplaces) considering the problem before deciding has a marked positive improvement on the outcome.
“Once you have the information, you have to decide, and this is best done with conscious thought for simple decisions, but left to unconscious thought – to ‘sleep on it’ – when the decision is complex.”
(see also rule of 5 & 50)

Evidence supporting cognitive benefits & improvement to learning and memory are growing. Your unconscious mind works through connections in data that was received/collected during the day.

vs rapid cognition (Blink)

Watching most TV programs is less mentally stimulating than sleeping
Neurobics (Keep Your Brain Alive)
Actively use all of your senses in variation to create multisensory connections, to help drive brain activity, and stimulate growth.


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