design language : choice & decisions

Meaningful and agonizing decisions make great games

“The thing that makes a game a game is the need to make decisions.”
from Greg Costikyan’s great article on a design language
(I have no words and I must design)
Considering the game state, the goal(s), the resources available or at stake and the opposition; you can then make a decision.

“The Agonizing Decision. How presenting the player with impossible choices help make a game great.”
from The Games Journal
(Game Theory 101)
An agonizing decision should have something worthwhile at stake, have an uncertain outcome and be framed as an
understandable set of alternatives with clear possible consequences.

It is easy to say, hard to deliver on effectively, but meaningful choice is the heart of good game design.

an alternative and good definition of what makes a good game
“A game with good design makes playing it easy.”
from deep in the game
(good design)


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