design language : near miss

Use near misses to encourage, tease & stimulate the player. Even failure should be used to your advantage, creating an illusion of skill and confidence in the player which will keep their engagement, attention and enjoyment.

There’s nothing like a near-miss to encourage a gambler to keep pumping coins into a slot machine or laying their chips on the table.
Not only can gaming machines be set to provide a certain number of near misses, these have become more sophisticated in the past decade so as to make a near-miss look even more tantalising.
“A near-miss causes a gambler to over-estimate their chances of winning,” says Dr Luke Clark, a Cambridge University psychologist. “If their horse finishes second, or in a casino they watch two cherries come up on a slot machine and then see the third almost click into place, they’ll keep playing. A problem gambler will keep playing for a third as long again.”
And when a gambler feels their skill can influence the outcome – throwing the die, say, or choosing lottery numbers – a feeling of control develops that keeps them gambling longer.
“There are subtle ways that casinos and slot machines can introduce near misses and perceived skill that encourage people to gamble,” Dr Clark says.


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